REMMLOT, a network oriented system connecting microprocessor based diesel electric locomotives in the field with centralized server based management system through GSM network communication & GPS .

REMMLOT(Remote Monitoring and Management of Locomotives and Trains) Mainly consists of LTMS (Locomotive & Train Management system) and LRMS (Locomotive Remote Monitoring System). LTMS is a centralized server hosted on the internet for Railways and is a 24 x 7 service provider accessed via a static IP address.

Generates reports like health status, fault status, datapack, event recorder data, life time counters data & other information related to running of locomotives and trains to be used by Railway management for decision making.

LRMS is a rugged, on board, embedded system mounted in the locomotive and communicates with LTMS through GSM network for various applications as per user requirements which Integrates with locomotive computer and GPS receiver to receive appropriate data from locomotive computer.